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  • Movie Review: The Interview

Seth Rogen and James Franco have been teaming in TV and film for more than a decade, from Freaks & Geeks” to “Pineapple Express.” They have good chemistry and feed off each other’s jokes. Their humor tends to be rather raunchy, and certainly not for everybody.

Their latest film, The Interview follows in a similar vein of theirother movies. Aaron (Rogen) is a TV producer, while Dave Skylark (Franco) is an airhead TV host, usually interviewing Hollywood celebrities. (Eminem threatens to steal the movie in his short comedy bit early in the film.)


Skylark learns that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a fan of his program, and he gets the wild idea to score a major interview with the ruler. Surprisingly, Kim Jong-un agrees. But before Dave and Aaron head off for their interview, the CIA intervenes and asks them to assassinate him.

What works best here is Franco’s character is such a bumbling airhead, and a lot of his one-liners hit the target. Some of the raunchy comedy and sexual innuendos are a bit too gross and will turn off an older audience.

Kim Jong-un is played by Randall Park, and it’s certainly going to be offensive to the real dictator. Park’s character is a whiny brat, seeking his father’s approval. He’s a softy under his tough exterior.


“The Interview” is funny at times. It is crass and dumb at others. It is not a sharp political satire. I enjoyed it for what it was. Viewers should be prepared for some laughs, but also some groans and bad, raunchy humor. It comes with the territory with a Rogen & Franco film.