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  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. I Synopsis

Katniss Everdeen survived the Hunger Games twice. Having passed from the Quarter Quell by rebels from District 13 who previously believed had disappeared, Katniss undergo training sessions in the underground city in District 13 to make a fighter, rebel. A Mockingjay.

Meanwhile, Capitol increasingly hate Katniss. Plied Capitol District 12 with a bomb. Meanwhile, Peeta Mellark a prisoner of the Capitol. Katniss Peeta assumed dead. Unfortunately Peeta still alive. Peeta is displayed on the TV and broadcast throughout Panem and he was regarded as a traitor. Then the rebels managed to kidnap him and take him to District 13. Unfortunately, Peeta has changed 180 degrees. He was arrested and tortured in such a way by the Capitol. Peeta has been hijacked and brainwashed. All the memories of his past, particularly those associated with Katniss, ransacked with wasp venom tracking. This new Peeta see Katniss as mutt (brute creation Capitol), and eager to kill him. 

Katniss depression, stress and mental illness. But in the meantime he continued to fight with the rebels, seizing districts. As if the injuries suffered pretty much just yet. Katniss becomes doll Coin, 13 district leader, the Mockingjay who set fire to the rebellion throughout the district. But he did not know, that Coin has other plans related to him. Katniss had only one goal to master his mind, namely to kill President Snow with his own hands. Her friend, Gale Hawthorne was always there during the struggle, but also there is Peeta, with a chaotic mind. At the moment most do not allow this, Katniss finally able to determine feelings addressed to anyone. But it's useless he chose, because he knows himself, Peeta, Gale, along with all the others who fought with him, was not destined to stay alive.


*Source: Wikipedia